Franziska Reuber & Birgit Krah

Franziska Reuber & Birgit Krah


Less is more

If more than ten years of experience in the production of hand-made rugs have taught us one thing, it is that regardless of all the fancy designs, beauty often lies in a simple detail. So, this time, we have focused on one aspect only: colour.

This idea inspired our Curated Colour Collection,
a series of monochrome rugs that captivates the viewer due to its unique colours, its ample range of different nuances and gradient tones.

Our hand-made rugs are puristic and the colour spectrum is absolutely timeless. They render the decoration of your home straightforward and will continue to give you please.

While the world seems to turn ever faster and trends change by the minute, the Curated Colour Collection focuses on sustainability. Our rugs are individually made according to your specifications, so that we can incorporate your individual ideas and only produce pieces that customers actually want. The three months required to produce your rug will be a time of anticipation!

Draw inspiration from our curated colours!